Dirty Sex Games for Hotter and More Passionate Sex

Dirty Sex Games for Hotter and More Passionate Sex

If you do not know how to steam up your sex life, you definitely need to start bringing changes right now as your partner might not be very happy about it. Sex needs to a topic of discussion between a couple. Otherwise, it can get boring and slowing dies off if regular attention is not paid to it. Having sex simply is not enough. You need to build up the tension and excitement between each other that makes you desire your partner and vice versa. Doing the same things, again and again, can kill your sex life. Spice up your sex life with these dirty xxx escorts and their sex games that will make you both crave each other for that crazy sex that you have been missing.

Role Play

One of the oldest tricks in the book that has never disappointed anyone. You can take up different roles such as boss-secretary, nurse-patient, or something which excites your common taste. You can even choose from the characters from your favourite movie or fantasy and be the prince and princess. Once you have decided your characters, you can dress like them and have an improv session filled with sexual dialogues before you finally get into bed with each other.

Pretend to be strangers

There are different levels of doing this. You can either start from knocking at your own door or take it to a beach or a resort. Act like complete strangers meeting for the first time. You can lead your evening from there to a bar or restaurant and grab a drink together. Through this time, you need to be in your character so well that even the bartender cannot tell that you two know each other, and even you start believing in it. In the end, while seeing your stranger off, you can get down to some passionate one-night stand.

The stripping game

This game can be played with cards, dice, or even a coin. You can even prepare true or false questions which are about how well you know each other. You need both need to dress sexy for this game so that undressing creates the heat that is needed. You can play your chances one by one and the one who loses the need to take off one piece of cloth from their body. You can be creative in keeping the inner clothes flashier as the urge for them to be removed will increase in your partner until they cannot resist to come and grab you.

The dominance

This game also has different levels, and the extreme levels can be really painful and as exciting as the intensity grows. In this game, one of the partners need to be dominant, and the other should be submissive. The dominant partner will seduce, tease, and punish the submissive one to excite them for sex, and once they are ready, both can have a heated moment filled with passion and wildness.